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Crafting the Customer Journey: Guiding Guests to Your Destination

Do you know how costumers get to your front door? Have you clearly visualized the various customer journey’s the drive revenue into your business? Whether you are selling hotdogs or hotel rooms there is a real customer journey that every business must create, maintain and optimize to survive and thrive in today’s digital first marketplace. This journey starts at the first impressions a customer sees or hears and ends with their loyalty, advocacy and a measurable ROI. It’s components include advertising, search, websites, email, retail, databases, call centers, CRM systems and all the other touchpoints that get consumers to choose your company. A well designed customer journey instantly reveals how all your digital and traditional marketing fits together and how your ROI can be improved. Join Harry Gold, CEO of Overdrive Interactive, as he walks through the practical steps of launching and optimizing high powered well designed customer journeys that both build brands and grow revenue

About the Presenter: Harry J. Gold, Overdrive Interactive
Harry is the Founder and CEO of Overdrive Interactive, an award winning digital marketing firm in Boston, Massachusetts that serves top companies such as Harley-Davidson, Samsonite, GE, Topps, Bazooka Candy Brands, Dow Jones, John Hancock, AXA, AAA, Vistaprint, Linear Air and AT&T. Harry’s primary mission is to create innovative online marketing programs and to share the strategies and tactics behind those programs with Overdrive’s clients and the world.

He is also a frequent lecturer on search engine marketing, social media and online media for The American Marketing Association, The Association of National Advertisers, The New England Direct Marketing Association, Search Engine Strategies, Media Bistro and Harvard University. Harry was also named the New England Direct Marketing Association’s Marketer of the Year.

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