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The Case for Regional Collaboration Among DMOs

The Travel and Tourism industry is full of noise. A potential traveler is inundated with choices when in the consideration stage of travel planning, and their choices are more tailored than ever with the increase in data-based targeting. This makes it very hard to cut through the noise and attract visitors, especially if you are a small DMO. Using case studies from Oregon, California, and New York, this course will explore the opportunities available to small DMOs to collaborate with their regional counterparts to drive visitation under a regional offering and create packaged experiences that can compete with more traditional or larger destinations.

Participants will leave with specific examples and an understanding of the different possibilities for working together: cooperation, coordination, and collaboration, and the opportunities these models offer vs. regional competition. They will gain a clear understanding of regional positioning, along with specific areas of focus that have the opportunity to create lift in multiple market segments.

About the Presenter: Matthew Landkamer, Coraggio Group
As the lead of Coraggio’s Travel & Tourism practice, Matthew focuses on bringing strategic thinking and an innovation mindset to destination marketing organizations and attractions alike. His art and design background, combined with hands-on business experience, allows him to bring a unique balance of creative design thinking and strategic rigor to each of his client engagements. His work has particular focus in fostering regional collaboration in destination marketing and in leveraging visitor perception as a strategic input.

He has worked with dozens of tourism organizations at every scale—including states, counties , rural communities, metropolitan destinations and attractions. His expertise has guided organizations as varied as Visit Casper, Visit Mendocino County, San Francisco Travel, Travel Portland, Visit New Hampshire, Visit California, U.S. Travel and tourism attractions such as NBC Universal Studios Hollywood. When he isn’t working with his clients, you’ll find him throwing pots, strumming a guitar or hoisting a backpack and getting “lost” on a beautiful Pacific Northwest trail.

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