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Tourism Research Essentials

Join the New Hampshire Division of Travel & Tourism Development's research partners for an overview of the state's most recent research studies.          

About the Presenters: David Seiferth and Nick Falkenstein, SMARInsights

David Seiferth, Ph.D., Founder and President
Dr. Seiferth, the founder of SMARInsights, is responsible for the overall design and implementation of the organization’s research. He continues to improve the firm’s analytical product and is a central contributor to the use/development of new methodologies to enhance the value of research and address the changing world of tourism marketing.  In his role, he is a consultant on major projects for destinations such as New Hampshire, Missouri, Texas, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Michigan, Palm Springs and California.

Nick Falkenstein, Senior Analyst

Nick has worked as an analyst at SMARInsights for 10 years. He began his research career as a market research associate for Eli Lilly & Company before joining SMARInsights. His experience as a client and a vendor gives him a unique perspective as he understands what clients need and the importance of uncovering relevant insights that guide strategic decision making. He currently works with a number of state DMOs including New Hampshire, Texas, Utah, Michigan, South Carolina and California, as well as with a number of ski destinations such as Park City and Breckenridge.

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