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The 2019 Governor’s Conference on Tourism, Innovations Around The Green, celebrates and explores innovation. Leaders and learners in the travel industry come together to creatively think, problem solve, network, and get REALAs a sponsor of the 2019 Governor’s Conference on Tourism, you are becoming a partner in the travel and tourism industry, an industry that generates more than $300 million in tax revenue and employs 48,000 people. 

You will gain R.E.A.L. results from your sponsorship:

REACH leaders and learners in the industry and be proud of your partnership with an organization dedicated to developing and supporting the second largest industry in the state: travel and tourism. 

ENGAGE with colleagues and potential clients at the Conference and year-round as you receive ongoing promotion as part of your sponsorship. 

ACCESS important NH decision-makers in tourism, business, and government. Use your partnership with the NH Travel Council to connect with those who will make a difference.

LEVERAGE your business with the exposure and connections you will make as a Sponsor. Join others who care about the travel and tourism industry and want to be part of what makes New Hampshire such a desirable destination. 

The New Hampshire Travel Council welcomes you to be part Innovations Around The Green. Let’s get REAL together. 

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